Transmogrification - the most important information:

1. First and foremost, we know that many people are against the feature which comes from the Cataclysm expansion and therefore we created an option, which lets you to toggle the transmog visibility. It can be done at transmog NPCs, which are located in the Underbelly in Dalaran (near the fountain) as well as in the both capitals (near the Auction House).

2. Transmog tokens are available in our store in following prices:
Armor Token = 10 Coins
Weapon Token = 50 Coins

You can again ask, why? Sunwell isn't a server that offers Pay to Win services. Our income is limited but we do our best to compete with the other servers that have much larger development budget. We try to provide you the fastest in-game support among private servers as well as fast and reliable development support. Transmogs as a visual feature which doesn’t impact the game, so it seems to be a good way to help keep the project in a good condition.

3. Currently there are no transmog-items available in our store, but in future there may be added items which are not obtainable by players in-game (only for transmog purposes).

4. There are some restrictions when it comes to making transmogs.

You can transmog only the same kind of gear. For instance: appearance of 2H Weapon can be changed by using other 2H weapon (you can transmog 2H mace into 2H axe, etc). However there are two exceptions:
- Illidan’s weapons, Warglaives of Azzinoth, can be used to transmog 2H weapon for Warriors.
- Staves can be transmogged using the other staves as well as 2H maces. However, if you're a mage and you can use staff and cannot use 2H mace than you cannot transmog a staff into a 2H mace.

Furthermore, you can transmog a one-hand axe into a one-hand mace, a 2H mace into a 2H sword etc. - but your class must have an access to using the specific kind of weapon. When it comes to armor, it’s obvious that plate items can be transmogged with other plate items, leathers with leather and so on. You cannot transmog cloth items with plate, mail or leather items.

5. Transmogs cannot be saved and therefore token prices are so low. It means that each time you change an item, you need to make a new transmogrification.

6. Transmogrification tokens are not tradable.

7. Transmogrification tokens can be sent via the gift system.

8. Legendary weapons can be transmogrified, but it costs 10x weapon tokens.

9. There is an option to exchange emblems, arena points and honor for armor/weapon transmogs tokens. So it's available as well for players who would like to use it without using our store!