Recruit a Friend is an invitational system that allows you to get various perks for playing together with a friend. Everything you have to do is send your friend a link (that can be found in Player’s Panel). When your friend will register through your unique link, your accounts will be linked.

Information about the RaF system:

  • RaF works all the way up to level 60.
  • It allows linked accounts to use Summon a Friend function which can be used every 60 minutes.
  • Experience is increased by 1x (actual rate + 1x, additive not multiplier). You must be RaF linked to your friend, be in a party group and under 100yd away from each other.
  • RaF allows your friend to grant you one level every his 2 levels, so every 2 levels the recruited person gains, they can grant 1 level to the recruiter.

To make sure RaF will work, you have to:

  • Be in one party.
  • Have each other in friend list.
  • Be closer than 100 yards to each other (doesn’t apply to Summon a Friend).