Character Boost event

Character Boost event is live now! 

You can use it in-game by talking with the NPC Aeriash, Herald of the Frozen Wind.
Aeriash, Herald of the Frozen Wind will be visible in every starting location if your account is eligible.  
A character of your choosing will be boosted to level 70 with enough gear to get straight to Northrend questing.  
Spell Training will be free during the event. 


- If you had already boosted a character in the past, your account will not be eligible for another character boost. 
- Only one character boost can be redeemed per account. 
- Deleting the character will not refund the boost token. 
- Death Knight character boosting will not be possible.  

  Event lasts until 15.12.2020 23:59 CEST!

Sunwell Team πŸ’–